We here at Mimmo are solely focused on bringing the purest and most wholesome foods to your children. Filled with the goodness of all that organic food has to offer, our products are packed with nutritious super-food ingredients and a whole lotta love to help you take better care of your little ones and keep them healthy, happy and fit.

Why Certified Organic?

Given the unscrupulous use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and the questionable GMO produce and their well-known and proven harmful effects on health, especially young children, the concern about the effect of non-organic food ingredients on the tender gullets of infants and toddlers is understandably high. Studies have proven time and again the favorable impact that organic food has on developing mental and physical growth of young children, aiding them to be more alert and energetic.

So, what does certified organic food promise you? Unlike natural and other eco-label claims, only organic produce offers government-backed assurance that products are grown and processed without the use of toxic chemicals, antibiotics, and synthetic growth hormones.


The Founders

Priyanka Shetty Sridhar and Anup Sridhar are not only the founders of Mimmo Organics but are also parents of a toddler, living through the same concerns that every parent in urban India goes through when it comes to food and nutrition of young children. They have experienced the same challenges that urban parents have in choosing the right solid food for their toddlers post the nursing stage, resulting in the founding of Mimmo Organics.

A post graduate with dual masters in Bio-Technology and business management from Macquarie University, Sydney, coupled with extensive experience in the ‘Infant and Paediatric’ product sector after having worked there for nearly a decade, for Priyanka, coming up with the right mix of solid food for her infant was a non-negotiable factor. Anup, an Olympic badminton player, is equally a health fanatic, focused in leading a healthy lifestyle. Not surprisingly, their search for a totally natural nutritious organic food for their child was a natural outcome. The paucity of the same in the ready-made baby food industry in the country prompted them to do extensive research and come up with a food solution which resulted in the birth of Mimmo Organics.