Food as we know it, is changing. Over the past two to three hundred years, the agricultural industry has seen many revolutions in terms of farming, rearing livestock and food production. A growing global population has increased the demand for food. The world population reached the 7 billion mark in 2011. Today, eight years on, we stand at 7.7 billion. Feeding a population this large has not been easy. Therefore, agriculture has turned to science to create crops that grow faster and are resistant to harsh weather and animals that mature before they are supposed to. This, however, has come at a cost. The food we put on our plates today is full of chemicals, pesticides and hormones. Contamination is making its way into our systems causing premature health problems, and our lifestyles only add to the problem.

By hosting an event like this, we at Mimmo expect to present people with not only a solution, but a new perspective to the food they eat every day. We strongly feel that people must be responsible about what they consume. We believe that if we make this a habit for our children today, then it may become a way of life for them tomorrow. This belief is what we will address through the content of the event. Our goal is to ensure that everyone goes home with a philosophy that may shape their future generations.

Event Details :


Event Tagline : Nutrition with a mother’s touch .

Vox Populi session :

Panelists :  Mrs. Akkai Padmashali, Mrs. Priyanka Shetty, Mr. Nishant Ratnakar, Ms. Navita M

Demonstration on Organic Cooking – by Chef Aditya Rao

Date : 1st of June 2019

Time : 14:00 to 18:00

Ticket Price : Free

Location : Nuts Over Salads, Koramangala Maps:

Event Timeline :

14:00:- Host Monologue

14: 15:- Open mic panel discussions

15:30 :- Break

15:40:- Open mic panel discussions Continues..

16:30:- Keynote session by Akkai Padmashali

17:00:- Interactive session by Chef Aditya Rao on Organic Cooking

17:45 :- Closing note by Priyanka Shetty

18:00:- Supper and wrap-up.



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