Mimmo Assurance

Mimmo Organics was born with the goal to give all children access to pure, wholesome and nutritious food. We offer a range of 100% organic products which have been made with babies’, toddlers’ and young children’s best interests in mind.

After extensive research, we have brought to life foods that come in a variety of shapes, colours and textures. These appeal to the little munchkins and help them develop healthy eating habits from the very start!

Mimmo Organics

Quality Certification

The ultimate goal of Mimmo Oganics is to deliver quality organic baby and children food. To ensure that this goal is met uncompromisingly, the production sites based in Europe are certified by a GFSI accredited system on food safety that includes IFS, BRC and FSSC 22000 certification.

Also, all Mimmo Organics products meet US and EU quality grade marks of organic standards, and are accredited by the USDA, EU Organic and India Organic as 100% certified organic.

Why Organic

To be termed “organic”, produce must be grown free of harmful pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). Organic produce is also free of preservatives – increasingly linked to cancer and other diseases – and therefore have a shorter shelf life compared to inorganic products.

While organic food is now relatively easily available for adults, authentic organic baby foods are a rarity in India. Yet, studies continue to prove that organic food helps in the mental and physical growth of children; and in maintaining optimum concentration levels. Children on an organic diet are also more alert and energetic. In fact, eating organic isn’t just a change in diet, it is a lifestyle change.

Putting your little ones on such a diet, starts them on the road to eating right and staying healthy at the outset of their lives – the best gift you could give them as responsible parents!

The Founders

They are special, not just because they started Mimmo Organics but because they are the perfect TG for their products! Parents of 9-month-old Neel, Priyanka and Anup, the couple know and live the concerns of parents in urban India every day of their lives. They realise that one of the big challenges that all parents face is choosing what solid food to put their baby on, post the nursing stage.

Priyanka, a post graduate in Bio Technology from the Macquarie University in Sydney, with extensive experience in the ‘Infant and Pediatric’ product sector, and Anup, an Olympian badminton player were focused on their baby growing up on a healthy lifestyle. Organic food was the natural go-to but then they discovered the paucity of ready organic baby foods.

Soon after, in their travels through the US, Europe and Australia they found there was no problem: they could safely turn to EU and USDA certified products and be assured that they were giving their baby the best, even when on the move.

One thing led to another and they worked through all the lengthy processes and permissions to make Mimmo Organics a reality. Says Priyanka: “The fact is that today even veggies cooked at home may not be absolutely safe for your baby. Organic food is the way to go. And for the very busy urban mother, balancing several roles, ready or easy-to-prepare safe, organic foods for her baby is heaven-sent!”